Today’s Teachable Moment-2012.1.11

Today’s teachable moments include reference articles from our primary contributors Tiger Schmittendorf and Paul Hasenmeier as our initial contributions to the framework of this new site:

1/11/12 – Generation Flux – Fast Company Magazine article sourced by Tiger Schmittendorf

1/11/12 – From the Xbox to the Box AlarmTiger Schmittendorf

1/11/12 – Video on how to make a balloon dog – social media instruction: – Paul Hasenmeier

1/11/12 – Article: Evaluation strategies for mentors, instructors, and officers: – Paul Hasenmeier

1/11/12 – Article: “Your Fire Officer Development Manual” – – Paul Hasenmeier

1/11/12 – Article: Training – Are You Doing Enough? – – Paul Hasenmeier


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