With a target audience of formal and informal instructors, coaches and mentors in the fire service — Train Your Replacement [TYR] is designed to be a collection of resources and facilitated conversation based on two simple premises:

  1. For many of us, myself included, it took too long into our careers to realize that we’ve only ever really had one job in the first place: to train our replacements. (insert admission of guilt here…) — Chief Tiger Schmittendorf
  2. The earlier and more often we instill the TYR attitude in today’s recruits, the longer and more successful careers they’ll have – and the richer and fuller experiences we’ll enjoy as the passers of the baton. (That’s Paul Hasenmeier’s phrase).

In our ever competitive world for attention span, today’s instructor needs to be more than just a presenter, needs to possess more than just effective communications skills — today’s effective instructor needs to have keen connection skills. Here’s what we think. What’s your solution for success in today’s classroom and training ground?

Connection Skills = (Storytelling + Relevant Application)
/ Genuine Interest in the Student

Using multiple sources of information written and harvested from a collection of today’s leading fire service professionals with a common mission, we hope to share what will help you define today’s student — and thus help guide today’s fire service instructor from inspired to innovative.

Understand them or not, like them or not, the reality is that we can’t wait to adapt to the needs of our replacements. They’re already here.

Click on “About TYR” to learn more. Visit the “Posts” and “Tool Box” pages to access our mind-expanding resources. We welcome your constructive feedback.

     Chief Tiger Schmittendorf & Lt Paul Hasenmeier and the TYR Team.