About TYR

Understanding the needs and expectations of today’s student is a critical skill for today’s fire service instructor

A simple concept, a principle and even a life lesson — Train Your Replacement brings to life the idea that we should all be focused on one thing: training our replacements.

So many of us have had the privilege of being taught, coached or mentored by such giving and generous formal and informal instructors and influences in our life that it’s our obligation to pay it forward, to “pass the baton” as Paul Hasenmeier says.

Our goal for this site is simply to expand your mind, your heart and your toolbox of resources in gaining a better understanding of the needs and expectations of today’s fire service student. We encourage you to embrace technology and trends in today’s fire service learners, gleaning relevant information from sources in other industries and disciplines that we can apply to being successful in the business we all love: firefighting and emergency services.

With the proliferation of information you can find on the Internet, the pendulum has swung away from limited training opportunities to the far extreme where there is so much information available at your fingertips that it’s nearly impossible to sort through, to determine what’s even valid and most importantly — to identify what is relevant for our replacements coming into the fire service today. That’s where TYR can help.

Our intent is to change your mindset as to how you approach both the challenges and solutions to training our replacements in the fire service. And, we’re confident that you too will realize that, like many of the challenges we face, the solutions are well within our reach and many times, can be found amongst those engaged in the conversation.

By sharing “teachable moments,” we hope to help you “adapt and overcome” these instructional and educational opportunities like we approach every other challenge the customer throws at us: together.

Let us know what you think.


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