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Engage Millenials: Are Millenials Starting to Re-Think #SM? | Added 2/20/16

10/30/13 – “For many of us, myself included, it took too long into our careers to realize that we’ve only ever really had one job in the first place: to train our replacements. (insert admission of guilt here…)” — Chief Tiger Schmittendorf on

Great Read: “The Job: Sharing Knowledge” — by Justin McCarthy of the New Haven (CT) Fire Department

06/20/13 – While I’m not sure that forcibly imposing a mentoring program is beneficial — or could even work — this article titled: “Why Mentoring Should be Mandated” by Todd LeDuc for is an interesting read and reinforces the need for formal or informal mentoring in the fire service.

06/20/13 – Here’s a great explanation and definition of the concept of “flipping the classroom” from — ever so appropriately — This site is a perfect complement to and our theme of “Where the Student-to-Instructor Ratio is Always 1:1!” and is written in partnership with my good friend Jason Hoevelmann of “A Firefighter’s Own Worst Enemy” fame! 

06/20/13 – Not sure there’s anyone more focused on the importance of storytelling in the fire service than we are (especially as a means of training our replacements) but “How stories make firefighting safer” by my good friend Chief Tom LaBelle for is a great refresher and reinforcement of this concept.

11/24/12 – Two great pieces from Mark VonAppen’s Fully Involved: Learn, Coach, Lead, Ignite

One Team, One Fight (from “The Fire Service Warrior” – October, 2011) –

Coaching them right –

11/23/12 – Young people and social media: Docs examine pitfalls – – Special to

11/23/12 – Lessons from My Old Man – – By Lt. Daniel Manning for (If you believe in training your replacement, you should subscribe to the Fire Service Warrior ethos).

11/23/12 – What Makes a True Firefighter? – – From the February 2012 edition of FireRescue Magazine – By Chief Tim Sendelbach

8/5/12 – The Importance of a Strong Firefighter Recruit Instructor – – Great article by Armand Guzzi on

1/11/12 – Generation Flux – Company Magazine article sourced by Tiger Schmittendorf

1/11/12 – From the Xbox to the Box AlarmTiger Schmittendorf

1/11/12 – Video on how to make a balloon dog – social media instruction: Hasenmeier

1/11/12 – Article: Evaluation strategies for mentors, instructors, and officers: Hasenmeier

1/11/12 – Article: “Your Fire Officer Development Manual” – Hasenmeier

1/11/12 – Article: Training – Are You Doing Enough? – Hasenmeier

1/16/2012 – What Business Are We In?  Start of the conversation at the South Dakota Fire Instructors Conference.


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