Lost in Cyber-Space

FireTrainingToolboxAre you a new training officer or instructor in need of training resources and you’re just not sure where to start? Are you lost in cyberspace?

Much of our challenge as trainers revolves around our ability or inability to navigate the vast spanses of the Internet to find the resources we’re looking for. The pendulum has swung from relying on the trickle-down method of communicating and sharing resources, to the now bigger challenge of sorting through all the web-available resources and quickly determining what’s legit and relevant to the needs of your organization.

The mission of TYR is to help you sort through the muck vs. material that matters, and we’re happy to offer FireTrainingToolbox.com as one of those viable and reliable sources of information. Edited by two stand-up firefighters, John Shafer and Chris Huston, bloggers in their own right, FTT offers resources for the new and veteran trainer from the forms you need to organize and manage your training program — to comprehensive training modules on some of the hottest topics challenging today’s fire service. The best part about all the great resources they offer at F-T-T — they’re F-R-E-E!

You see, John, Chris and the many contributors at FTT exemplify the TrainYourReplacement principle, that it’s both our opportunity and our obligation to pass on our knowledge, training, experience and our wisdom — to pass the baton — to those who serve with us and those who will serve after us.

And when you’re exhausted from checking out all those great, free resources they share at FireTrainingToolbox, take some time to browse the hundreds of SOGs, training programs and articles available from the National Fire Academy’s TRADE Repository: http://feti.lsu.edu/municipal/NFA/TRADE/. We’re convinced you’ll find something to share. So, reach into your FireTrainingToolbox and TrainYourReplacement!


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