Rescuing the Rescuers

We all know some great minds in the fire service that have years of experience and a wealth of knowledge to pass on.  Some of these seasoned veterans are feeling left behind because of technology.  How can you help?

The flip side to training your replacements is training those seasoned veterans so they can easily pass their wealth of knowledge on in a manner that is conducive to the learning styles of the Gen Y’s, Millinials, WebGens, NextGens, Gernation “Whine”, Nexters, and Generation “I”.

Yesterday, one of the greatest rescue guys I know called and vented about his frustration with technology, especially powerpoint and social media.  Not that he disliked it, but lacked the knowledge on how to improve his presentations.  By the end of the conversation we decided to meet for some technology training that will undoubtedly help him pass the baton with a bit less stress.

This passing of knowledge is cyclical in nature.  The seasoned veterans have the knowledge, but may need a little help with this technology thing.  We can help each other build a more powerful and knowledgable force.

Reach out to Tiger Schmittendorf or Paul Hasenmeier for more on Training Your Replacement. Book now for 2013 conversations – GENERATIONS UNPLUGGED: Motivating, Training & Leading Today’s Firefighters 



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